What does Tribulus do for a woman?

Due to Bulgarian research, Tribulus has become a popular natural herb for the treating infertility, menopause, and low libido. It acts as a broad tonic, aphrodisiac, and is used to restore vitality, lessen the physiologic effects of stress, and it is a powerful fertility tonic for both women and men.

Tribestan is a natural and organic supplement produced by Sopharma and consists of dry extract from the aerial part of the Tribulus Terrestris.

Sopharma has a history in OTC solutions from biological extracts and Tribestan is yet another example of full manufacturing cycle and development within Sopharma, showing synergy and utilization of several capabilities and effectiveness.

Tribestan is a huge testosterone booster and helps improve sexual libido, stimulates the functionality of the genital system, and improves the power and length of erections. It also has an extremely good impact on lipid metabolism, and has a hormone-balancing effect and minimizes menopausal symptoms in women.

Tribulus Terrestris is helpful for difficult treatment of low libido, erection problems (sexual weakness), male infertility, in lipid metabolic disorders (dyslipoproteinemia), for overall cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein reduction. It’s also prescribed for treatment of marked neuropsychic and neurovegetative manifestations in women with climacteric and post castration syndrome (an issue after surgical removal of ovaries).

Anabolic steroids in Tribestan can also treat disorders that cause muscle loss, such as cancer tumor and AIDS. A lot of sports athletes and body builders use Tribestan to increase their physical appearance or boost performance.

What is the best Tribulus Terrestris product?

The Best Tribulus Terrestris Supplement is Tribestan from the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical company Sopharma and is made from 100% natural Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris and very affordable.

What fruits help you last longer in bed?

Figs are fertility boosting foods which are full of soluble and insoluble fiber. These delicious fruits are a treat for your senses. Great for heart health, figs are a definite great way to rev your sexual stamina. Folic acid and Vitamin B6 are both necessary for a healthy libido.

What are the health benefits of Tribulus Terrestris?

Some people use Tribulus for gonorrhea, liver illness (hepatitis), inflammation, pain (rheumatism), leprosy, coughs, headache, dizziness (vertigo), chronic weakness problem (CFS), and enhancing athletic performance. Its also used for stimulating appetite and as an astringent, tonic, and mood enhancer.

Does Tribulus Terrestris cause weight gain?

Terrestris extract: 2.5, 5 and 10 mg/kg human body weight, and subjected to intimate behavior studies. The authors reported a substantial increase in body weight (9, 23, and 18%, respectively), and recommended that weight gain and improvement in sexual behavior parameters can be regarding the androgen enhancing properties of Tribulus Terrestris.

Is Tribulus good for females?

Tribulus Terrestris may properly and effectively improve desire in females with hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Further research of Tribulus Terrestris in women is warranted.

Is Tribulus Terrestris a diuretic?

Terrestris has long been used empirically to propel urinary stones. The diuretic and contractile aftereffects of Tribulus Terrestris. Terrestris indicate it has got the potential of propelling urinary rocks and merits further pharmacological studies.

Are saponins a steroid?

Traditionally saponins are classified into triterpenoid and steroid saponins based on the structural backbone. Nonetheless, a more detailed subdivision of the terpenoid saponins was proposed causing 11 distinct aglycone classes.

What foods are bad for men’s testosterone?

People stressed about their testosterone levels might elect to prevent the following meals. Soy products. Soy foods, such as tofu, edamame, and soy protein isolates, have phytoestrogens, milk products, Alcohol, Mint, Bread, pastries, and desserts, Licorice root, specific fats.

Bottom Line

Tribestan is made of 100% Natural Bulgarian Tribulus.

Tribulus Terrestris is a great testosterone booster and helps improve sexual drive.

Tribestan stimulates the functionality of the reproductive system, and improves the intensity and length of erections.

Tribulus Terrestris has a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism, and has a hormone-balancing effect and also minimizes menopausal symptoms in women.