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Identifying Genuine Official Tribestan Original



Important Notice to All Our Valued Customers

We wish to alert all our esteemed customers worldwide about the increasing incidence of counterfeit Tribestan being sold worldwide by unauthorized retailers, particularly through various online platforms worldwide outside Bulgaria. It has come to our attention that several individuals have encountered issues such as receiving fake products, unauthorized repeated billing, or failing to receive their orders altogether. Your trust and satisfaction are paramount to us at Tribestan Original, and we are dedicated to guaranteeing that you obtain authentic Tribestan. To assist you in this endeavor, we have outlined key guidelines to help you distinguish authentic Tribestan from counterfeits.

Identifying Genuine Tribestan

Bilingual Branding: The packaging will present the Tribestan brand in English on one side and in Cyrillic script (Bulgarian) on the other.

Braille Writing: Authentic packaging includes Braille writing on its dark blue side, located below the Sopharma logo.

Lot Number and Expiration Date: Every genuine package will clearly display a lot number alongside an expiration date.

Barcode (EAN): The barcode for an authentic Tribestan is 3800010643115.

Blister Details: Each blister inside the packaging will feature an imprinted (debossed) lot number and expiration date, consistent with the external packaging.

Preventive Measures

  • Always make purchases directly from our website or pharmacies in Bulgaria only.
  • Retain all transaction documents like invoices, receipts, and website details. They can be crucial if any discrepancies arise.
  • Should you observe unauthorized multiple charges, promptly contact your bank or credit card provider to report the issue.
  • Stay updated and periodically check our website or communication channels for updates on product features or security measures.

Your safety and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us.

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